2 years ago

Appreciate Espresso From Your Own Machine

The percolator used to be amongst the only number of coffee producers in years gone by. Housewives could view water heat up and rise by way of a small tube and over a container of coffee grounds.

It was exciting to look at, but the

2 years ago

Arizona Schools Gain Kind Science Foundation Grant

Why Account Technology in Illinois Schools?


In April 2007 the Science Foundation Arizona (SFAz) reported an investment of $3.2 million in to a K-12 Student & Teacher Discovery Pro-gram that will gain the Ariz read more...

2 years ago

Online tools make translation (Chinese/English) less complicated

We will introduce several online tools that our group frequent use. These all may possibly help to do translations, specifically in Chinese (conventional and simplified) and English.

1. Google

http://www.google.com.hk

2 years ago

A Photocopied Travel Letter To Residence

As they drove from Traverse City, illinois to Tucson, Arizona, I wrote a series of letters, & photocopied them to send to relatives & friends. This was the very first of the two.

Travel Letter #1

Saturday, 12/

2 years ago

Estate Silver Jewelry Is A Hot Fashion Choose!

Sterling silver is an excellent choice in estate jewelry. Long lasting, effortless to care for, and so lovely. Acquiring estate jewelry sterling silver can be a lot of fun but it can also be confusing.

Whether or not you are seeking